la baie de Collioure

Il n'y a pas de ciel plus bleu que celui de Collioure.
Je n'ai qu'à fermer les volets de ma chambre et j'ai toutes les couleurs de la méditerrannée chez moi.


The site of Collioure is known by the men since the prehistory, some kept well dolmens are evidence. The port plays an important commercial part. They export sheets, oil, wine and they import spices, oriental cloths as well as other exotic products. In the Middle Ages, the kings of Majorca reign on the roussillon and on Collioure. the castle becomes royal residence in the XIII th century. In 1643, the city is taken by the armies of Louis XIV and appended officially in France in 1659 by the treaty of Pyrenees. It is occupied in 1793 by Spanish troops and taken back by the general Dugommier next year. In the XIXthcentury, Collioure takes a new development thanks to the anchovies fishing, The salt fish industry and the wine growing.

In the begining of the XX th century, Henry Matisse, attracted by the magic of light, becomes established in Collioure and invites André Derain to join it, a new current is going to be born, the Fauvist school. Numerous artists will follow, Picasso, Dufy, Braque, Marquet and many others who will end up sitting the reputation of Collioure.

Collioure knew how to keep and to safeguard numerous evidence of this very rich past, it is a permanent invitation to dawdling.